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Magnetic properties of electroless nickel-phosphorus coated multi-walled carbon nanotubes

Amanda V. Ellis (*, A), James Storey (B), Samuel Wallace (A), Bridget Ingham (B)

(A)  School of Chemistry, Physics and Earth Sciences, Flinders University, Sturt Road, Bedford Park, Adelaide, S.A 5042, Australia.
(B)   Nanotechnology Platform, Industrial research Ltd, Gracefield Road, Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand.

ARTICLE, Carbon – Science and Technology 1 (2008) 18 – 23.   

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Keywords: Multiwalled carbon nanotubes, nanomaterial, magnetic properties, electroless Nickel phosphrous coated MWCN, Carbon nanomaterial
Abstract: Nickel-phosphorus (EN) deposited multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) were prepared using an electroless plating technique. The D.C and A.C magnetic behavior of the composites showed that pre-acid treatment of the MWCNTs prior to electroless deposition greatly enhanced the magnetic susceptibility at 5oK producing a composite with antiferromagnetic correlations and a superparamagnetic transition at 65.5 K. Raman scattering analysis suggests that there is no direct interaction of the nickel-phosphorus deposit and the MWCNTs.



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