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Effects of sintering temperature on structural and electrical properties of La2Mo2O9 prepared via solution combustion technique

Amar Jyoti Saikia, Diptimayee Tripathy, Gyati Tachang Tado, Arvind Pandey

Department of Physics, North Eastern Regional Institute of Science & Technology, Nirjuli, 791109, Arunachal Pradesh, India.

Carbon - Science and Technology 11/2 (2019) 85 - 93.

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Arrhenius plot of the sintered samples.

Keywords: X-Ray diffraction, ionic conductivity, impedance spectroscopy

Abstract: Effects of sintering temperature on structural and electrical properties of La2Mo2O9 synthesized via solution combustion method are addressed in this work. Single phase of La2Mo2O9 was obtained at relatively lower calcination temperature (~ 700 oC) than the conventional route. The synthesized specimen was sintered at three different temperatures 800oC, 900oC and 1000oC for 12 hours and was subjected to structural & electrical characterizations. X-Ray diffraction pattern confirms the formation of monoclinic phase with space group P213 for all three sintering temperatures. Lattice parameters were calculated using Reitveld technique and found to be increased with the sintering temperature. α <-> β phase transition is prominent in the Arrhenius plot of all the sintered samples but the transition temperature is lower than the powders obtained by the solid state technique. Conductivity was found to be increased slightly at lower and intermediate temperatures for 900oC and 1000oC as compared to specimen sintered at 800oC . In the intermediate temperatures, grain boundary contribution to the total resistance is more distinguished in the Nyquist plot of the sample sintered at 800oC which causes the decrement in the conductivity. Activation energy in the temperature range 600oC - 750oC for the sample sintered at 800oC , 900oC and 1000oC are 0.5298 eV, 0.35896 eV and 0.35805 eV respectively. The sample sintered at 1000oC exhibited highest ionic conductivity 0.0391 at 750oC .



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