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Dielectric properties of Al and Ti co-doped Bi2VO5.5-δ system

Diptimayee Tripathy*, Amarjyoti Saikia, Gyati Tachang Tado, Arvind Pandey

Department of Physics, North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology, Nirjuli- 791109, Arunachal Pradesh, India

Carbon - Science and Technology 11/2 (2019) 72 - 77.

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Keywords: Dielectric constant, dielectric loss, complex electric modulus, AC conductivity

Abstract: The Polycrystalline ceramic samples with formula unit Bi2V1-xTix/2Alx/2O5.5-δ (x = 0.1 and 0.175) were synthesized. The specimens were characterized by AC Impedance Spectroscopy for dielectric studies. The variation of dielectric parameters: dielectric constant (Er ), dielectric loss (tan δ), complex electric modulus and AC conductivity, as a function of frequency and temperature, have been analyzed. The dielectric loss peaks and AC conductivity plots revealed different relaxation mechanisms i.e. electrode-electrolyte, conduction and dipolar occurring at low, intermediate and high-frequency regimes respectively. The shifting of the dielectric relaxation peaks and hopping frequency in AC conductivity plots towards higher frequency sides with an increase in temperature imply these materials are ionic conductor.



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