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Role of Mo substitution on electric modulus and electrical conductivity of cobalt-zinc spinel ferrite

A. K. Pradhan (a, *), S. Saha (a), T. K. Nath (b)

a) Department of Physics and Techno Physics, Vidyasagar University, Midnapore - 721102, West Bengal, India.
b) Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur, Kharagpur - 721302, West Bengal, India.

Carbon - Science and Technology 10/4 (2018) 76 - 81.

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Keywords: Ferrite, spinel, multiferroic, electric modulus, AC conductivity.

Abstract: Cobalt- Zinc ferrites are presently utilized as a significant component material for fabricating multiferroic composite. Conventional ceramic technique was utilized to synthesize the bulk cobalt-zinc ferrite with Mo substitution (CZFMO). In this present article, we accounted for the study of detail electric modulus and electrical conductivity of Co0.65Zn0.35Fe2-xMoxO4 (x=0.0, 0.1 and 0.2) spinel ferrites. The production of the inverse spinel nature of the material structure has been affirmed by the high resolution XRD pattern. The frequency reliance of real and imaginary part of electric modulus have been studied in detail. In the present framework the behavior of electric modulus could be communicated by the modified Kohlrausch-WilliumsWatts (KWW) equation. The variation of the imaginary part of electric modulus (Mʺ) with frequency indicates the existence of non-Debye relaxation process in the current samples. The curves showing the variation of ac conductivity with frequency follow the Jonscher’s single power equation. This suggest that the conduction in the material is due to correlated barrier hopping (CBH) mechanism. Additionally, the conduction procedure can be best clarified based on Verwey-de Boer method. The activation energy in both ferromagnetic and paramagnetic area is assessed from the ln σac vs. 1/T curves. The temperature reliance of dc conductivity obeys the Arrhenius expression. Also the semiconducting nature of material has confirmed from the conductivity plot.



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