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Electronic Phase Selector Switch

Veena Bhat

Faculty of Engineering, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, SDM Institute of Technology, Ujire-574240, Karnataka, India.

Carbon - Science and Technology 10/2 (2018) 12 - 21. 

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Circuit showing electronic phase selector switch in operation.


Keywords: Automatic, Phase selector, Power failure, electric power

Abstract: The power failure slows down the production of industry, construction work of new plants and buildings. It can overcome by using a backup power supply such as a generator. But it is a cost effective and also time consuming, as certain time is required to switch on the generator manually. The power interruption in distribution system is about 70 % for single phase faults while other two phases are in normal condition. In any commercial power supply system, if three phases are available, then automatic phase selection can be done in to critical loads in the event of power failure in any phase. There is no need of backup power supply and the phase is changed automatically within a few seconds. The aim of this paper is the real idea of an automatic phase changing switch for 220 V -240 V alternating current. The designs available are single phase change over switches, two phase automatic transfer switch and three phase automatic change over switch which are manually operated. The present paper informs about an automatic phase selection using electronic circuit which is designed only for, three phase A.C. input power to single phase A.C. output applications.



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