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Preparation of iron doped carbon coated W18O49 and its photoactivity

Hany H. Abdel Ghafar, Tomoki Tsumura and Masahiro Toyoda    

Faculty of Engineering, Oita University, Dannoharu 700, Oita 870 – 1192, Japan.

LETTER, Carbon – Science and Technology 1 (2008) 13 – 15.

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Keywords: W18O49, Iron doped carbon coated W18O49, Solid state synthesis, Photoactivity, Photocatalysis, visible light

Abstract: Iron doping to carbon coated W18O49 was carried out through solid-state reaction of WO2.9 with iron acetate at 400oC, followed by carbonization with poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) as carbon precursor at 800oC in N2 atmosphere. Photoactivities of these samples were confirmed by phenol photodecomposition in its aqueous solution. They revealed the photoactivity under visible light irradiation. Carbon coated W18O49 with iron exhibited higher photoactivity than it without iron. Addition of 1 % iron and 90/10 mixing ratio (WO2.9/PVA) derived the highest photoactivity to decompose the phenol.



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