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Entrepreneurship Guru   

Turning 'Job Seekers' to 'Job and Wealth Creators'

The aim of the 'Entrepreneurship Guru' magazine is to motivate, encourage, stimulate, inform, guide, and mentor students and young people (particularly in India) to become Entrepreneurs thereby -
1) Turning 'Job Seekers' to 'Job and Wealth Creators';
2) They become more productive and creative;
3) They have positive contribution in the society.

Videos - We accept (and would like to encourage) videos from the contributory authors. The video should be related to the article submitted and it's content. Such videos will be hosted and linked appropriately on the magazine web site. Videos might be edited by editorial office (if required). Copyright transfer of videos to the publishing company 'Applied Science Innovations Pvt. Ltd., Pune, India' apply. No extra charge / fee of any kind apply to these videos.

Subscriptions are invited for print issue of the magazine. Six issues are planned in 2019.

Contributory articles are invited for this magazine.

All articles submitted to 'Entrepreneurship Guru' magazine will be evaluated for Plagiarism through Turnitin software.

1) Scope of the magazine:

Articles related to (but not limited to) following areas are suitable inclusion and publication in this magazine -

Inventions, Innovations, and Discoveries


Techno-inventions and innovations

Successful Entrepreneurer - Interview

Current Technologies

Unsuccessful Entrepreneurer - Case study

Futuristic Technologies

Opinions and Interviews

Start up - Introduction

Product Development

Successful Startup - Case study

Funding Sources

Unsuccessful Startup - Case study

Marketing and sale
  Techno-Entrepreneurship Advertisement of the product
  Leadership, management, and administration New business areas and opportunities
  Developing a Brand Packaging the product
  Market survey for a product (to be launced or after launching) Pricing of the product

News about product developments, entrepreneurship efforts from different engineering, science, and other colleges

Sponsored / paid advertisements on company products

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