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Reference Book: Say “No” to Genetically Modified Food

Author: Prakash R. Somani

Pages : 50, A8 size
Softbound with laminated cover
Printed in Black.

Published on : March 2010

ISBN : 978-81-906027-6-1

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Aim and Scope:

The book introduces the readers to Genetically Modified (GM) Food and Organisms. Book highlights the claimed advantages and disadvantages of the GM food. It seems that GM food can create more problems than it will solve. Homogenization of the agriculture (End of food diversity), creation of superweeds, patents, IPR and Environment related issues, increase in the pesticide level of the food itself that will be consumed by humans, health effect of GM food on humans, Right for life to other insects are some of the important issues related to GM food that needs to be addressed adequately before their incorporation in India. Most important is the fact that the claim "GM food is a solution to World hunger" is wrong. Case of Bt cotton and Bt brinjal is different. Bt cotton is not directly consumed by humans. Strategy adopted by Indian government i.e. case-by-case approval of the genetically modified things is correct. GM food seems to be a strategy to control the World's food business. GM food companies can hit back on the Indian door with other proposals like Golden rice, Bt tomato, Bt potato etc.

Know more about GM food and Be ready to fight a war against it.


It's a general scientific book aimed at introducing the subject to common Indian people. Book is purposely written in a way understandable by all by giving suitable day-to-day examples. Book is largely for Indian audience however useful to all, in general.

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