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Catalytica is an international, peer-reviewed, gold open access research journal reporting high impacting, new, and novel research results and fact-findings related to all aspects of catalytic materials and their applications covering fundamental, technology (industry) - oriented, experimental, and computational - original research papers, reviews, priority communications (Letters), news and views, perspectives, comments, correspondence, introduction to a specific research group and activities, new product launches, important conferences in catalysis area, job advertisements and announcements, thus appealing to both academic and industrial stakeholders.

Research Videos - We accept (and would like to encourage) videos from the contributory authors of the journal 'Catalytica'. The video should mainly represent the research work carried out by the authors and reported in the research paper accepted / published in this journal. Such videos will be hosted and linked appropriately on the journal web site. Videos might be edited by editorial office (if required). Copyright transfer of videos to the publishing company 'Applied Science Innovations Pvt. Ltd., Pune, India' apply. No extra charge / fee of any kind apply to these videos.

All research papers submitted to 'Catalytica’ journal will be evaluated for Plagiarism through Turnitin software – before being sent out for review.

Journal has adopted Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial, No Derivatives 4.0 License (CC BY-NC-ND,, which permits non-commercial reuse, distribution, and reproduction in any medium of the research papers published in the journal, provided the original work is not changed in any way and is properly cited. For permission for commercial reuse, Contact the journal office. All rights reserved.

Scope of the journal: In recent times, the knowledge domain has been expanding in all directions. In this rapidly-changing scenario, it is necessary that assimilation of scientific information especially in the fields of importance has to be done effectively and efficiently. In this sense, publication of appropriate research journals with wide reach could be one such medium. However, these journals should have directional projection as one of the important objectives. These days, the existing journals concentrate on issues which are popular among scientists. The issues that are receiving attention in today’s journals are mainly concerned with the hot topics as proposed by leading scientific groups and also possibly directed by the awards announced. This has to change in the directions where the scientific domain may be mainly concerned with what are necessary and essential for the human life on earth. Catalysis is one such field which enriches humanity with the necessary essentials in terms of energy and environment.

Catalytica will add value effectively to the existing medium of communication; in addition, it will give directions to the research areas by publishing suitable and well-organized projective review articles in this important area. Catalytica will cover the following areas of research -

(1) New materials as catalysts
(2) Industrially important catalytic reactions and catalysts
(3) Photo, bio, organo- and electro-catalysis
(4) Theoretical aspects of catalysis
(5) Homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis

Catalytica will cater to the less-privileged societies of the world in an affordable cost and access. Catalytica will disseminate information in all forms of communication as mentioned above.

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